A large home for a small number of Guests 

Soft light shines through the large windows onto antiques steeped in memories of the many years that have made them what they are today. Spanning more than 3,000 m², the Santavenere Hotel packs boundless venerable charm into its 34 rooms and large halls full of 19th century style, striking a balanced blend between classic and modern appeal. The eternal essence of the Santavenere Hotel is encapsulated by the invaluable collector’s items inside, and the artisan furnishings imbued with local history, such as Minturno ceramics and colourful Vietri tiles. 

It’s the ideal place to discover a fresh perspective on time and a feeling of immense freedom. 

Age-old appeal in natural surroundings 

The Santavenere Hotel stands in ten hectares of grounds, amid the green shades of maple and pine trees and the delicate hues of broom, cornflowers and primroses. Bright colours burst out of the bougainvillea in the summer months, as the enchanting scent of the sea emanates from the pebbles and shingle on the private beach. Along a kilometre of naturally rocky coastline, there are plenty of secluded spots where you can listen to the waves, mull over your memories and savour the peace of mind you can only find by the sea. 

Sweeping curves will take you into the most untamed and pristine part of Maratea, the “Goddess of the Sea”, where the private gulf basks in rich red and golden rays of sunshine.  

A peaceful place to share 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Take a little time to relax in the large halls or let the minutes gently drift by in the cool shade of a poolside patio, enjoying the sight of the stunning scenery reflected in the water. 

Shelter from the sunshine in a gazebo and read a newspaper in an armchair, have a delicious bite to eat at the bar, or stretch out on a sun lounger and watch the spellbinding light shimmer on the sea. No matter how you like to take it easy, the unique landscape makes the Santavenere Hotel the ideal place to enjoy some peace and quiet with your loved ones and your four-legged friends, really relishing the long, carefree Italian summer.  

The long Italian summer  

Indulge in the simple pleasures of long summer days, when the sound of cicadas chirruping fills the air and laughter rings out over tables covered with playing cards and fresh fruit. When the sun goes down later on, time stretches out into endless hours full of freedom and relaxation. Days of never-ending sunshine, light lunches with a nice glass of wine and carefree evenings singing, dancing and having fun with other people. Go with the flow as time slips by slowly and savour every moment, letting all your worries drift away and basking in feelings that will make unforgettable memories.  

This is the essence of the long Italian summer. 

Decades of enduring appeal 

In the early 1950s, members of the entrepreneurial Rivetti family from Piedmont came to Maratea, were struck by its indescribable beauty and changed its destiny forever. Thanks to the forward-thinking Count Stefano Rivetti, the Santavenere Hotel was opened in 1953 and immediately gained an international reputation as a Lucanian “gem”. 

The entrancing Gulf of Maratea has inspired the words of great artists such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Domenico Modugno, and cast its spell on directors who have used it as the setting for fantastic films starring world famous actors, from Anita Ekberg to Peppino De Filippo, as well as prominent figureslike Luciano de Crescenzo, Indro Montanelli, the Prince and Princess of Liège and Pat Metheny.