A large Home for only a few Guests.

Through the concept of, Luxury being a synonym of space, immersion in nature, wellbeing of body and mind and tailor-made experiences.

The light shines through the windows of the living rooms and caress the precious object which can be found inside, designed by time and the keeper of memories.

Surrounding the property, the heady scent of the sea, ten hectares of parkland and access to the private pebble beach.

Feast your eyes on the beauty and feel liberated by the sense of pure freedom: this is Santavenere’s mission. 


Looking out of the window is always a breath-taking experience.

The golden light of the morning or the burning red of the sunset over the sea: every window of Santavenere is like a painting with a thousand colours.

Let yourself be amazed by the sea, by the mountains covered in Mediterranean vegetation and by the varied landscape of Maratea always offering up new emotions.


Enjoy a moment of relaxation in the large living rooms or find a peaceful corner in the shade of the patio by the pool and all the while surrounded by natural beauty.


Go back in time and breathe in the history.

The furnishings create a sense of place and welcome guests like the perfect host. Furniture from the late 1700’s and traditional Lucanian textiles create an intimate atmosphere, full of history and poetry.

the PARk

Get lost in the emerald-green surroundings of the Santavenere.

The ten-hectare park with its unique Mediterranean landscape typical of this area with Turkey oaks, maple trees, pine trees and the perfume of broom, cornflowers and primroses. The colourful shrubs and vivid bougainvillea brighten the countryside during the summer, with an explosion of colours.

The outdoor spaces are designed to allow guests to discover their favourite spot, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of this unique place.


Walking surrounded by the silence of Nature.

The pathways allow for long walks, the secret trails leading to the sea slowly reveal some incredible views.


Spend some time for yourself or share it with your loved ones.

Choosing your ideal place to spend your free time during the spring and summer days is a real challenge: reading a newspaper in one of the wicker armchairs in the shade of a gazebo or by the pool, relaxing on a sofa under the white wooden patio, enjoying a delicious snack at the bar or let yourself be enchanted by the views of the sea while lying on a sun lounger.


Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Listen to the waves of the sea as they crash against the pebble shore, allow your mind to wander while feeling a powerful sense of peace that only the sea can evoke.
The private and fully-equipped beach stretches for around 900 metres allowing for maximum privacy and comfort for the guests.

An oasis of peace, where the sun produces magical light effects on the water and the natural cliff carves out private corners.


A dive into the blue.

Take a regenerating swim in the majestic outdoor swimming pool which can be found in the main building, lined with sunbeds, gazebos and wicker sofas. Overlooking the sea, perfect for short relaxing moment or to sip a fresh summer cocktail.

Let yourself be enchanted at sunset by the surrounding nature reflected in the blue of the sea, a magical moment that cannot be missed.