Rediscover the taste of the Italian summer on a charming seaside terrace, where the aroma of the day’s fresh catch blends with the gentle sound of waves lapping against the pier. Enjoy an informal buffet dinner at Il Carrubo restaurant, featuring local land and sea specialities prepared on site by skilled hands, all accompanied by live music playing the greatest classics of Italian music.

Price: 80€ per person, drinks not included.

Location: Carrubo

Senza fine: Seaside Dinner Waiting for Ferragosto

14 august

Light, white fabrics stand out against tanned skin as the sun sets, enveloping the seaside terrace of the Il Carrubo Restaurant with its warm light. An aperitivo followed by an elegant dinner that brings to the table the fresh flavours of the Tyrrhenian Sea, with a full Italian-style live music background that engages everyone in the most exciting and carefree night of the year. Under the stars of Ferragosto, the evening ends in a fascinating firework display at the stroke of midnight, to celebrate together the vibrant essence of the Italian summer. 

Price: 150€ per person,  75 € kids (beverage & wine included)
Dress Code: White
Location: Il Carrubo, from 8pm

Al fresco: Ferragosto Barbecue & DJ Set


A barbecue where you can enjoy the best local meat and fish specialities, accompanied by a good glass of wine sipped in the fresh air. The warm sun of August illuminates the green lawn of the Santavenere garden and the pebbles of Il Carrubo beach, while an engaging DJ set entertains young and old in a vibrant, cheerful atmosphere. A day that celebrates the liveliness of summer and the pleasure of being together, just a few steps from the crystal blue sea. 

Price: 90€ per person,  45€ kids (beverage included, wine not included. Beach access included.)
Location: Il Giardino del Santavenere, from 12:30pm till 4:00pm

Aperitivo al tramonto

From Saturday 5 August every Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 9 pm, we will admire the sun with an aperitif at sunset, at the Carrubo Bar of the Hotel Santavenere, accompanied by the notes of our DJ set.

Price: 30€ (drink included)

Location: Bar Carrubo


From Saturday 5 August, every Saturday and Sunday from 20:00 to 23:00, the Pizzeria at the Santavenere Hotel opens its doors!



Monday 14 August from 20:30 aperitif and dinner by the pool.

Price: 150 € per person, 75 € children (drinks and wines included)

Location: Giardino Santavenere


Tuesday 15 August from 12:30 to 17:00, fish barbecue.

Price: €90 per person, €45 children (drinks and wine included)

Location: Carrubo