Fresh balance holds the key to happiness 

The spa at the Santavenere Hotel celebrates beautiful Basilicata, where there’s unique synergy between the sea and mountains. The secret to wellbeing lies in balance between nature and experiences. 

Specially tailored spa programmes and treatments harness natural oils, floral fragrances and sea salt to revitalise the senses. 

Bring harmony to your body and mind with the motions of a massage. Rediscover your natural beauty thanks to purifying treatments and gentle massages. 

Recalibrate your energy levels and find fresh happiness: that’s the deeper meaning behind the Santavenere Hotel spa.



With a vast natural park all around it, the Santavenere Hotel is the perfect place to focus on finding fresh balance during outdoor yoga classes, not to mention an ideal workout location thanks to its indoor, air-conditioned gym with windows offering marvellous Mediterranean scenery for you to enjoy as you exercise. Tennis enthusiasts can admire the bright colours of the landscape when they’re out on the court. 

The coastal environment

Maratea’s natural environment makes this one of the most enchanting parts of the Tyrrhenian coast, with an amazing array of features. The crystal-clear sea washes against cliffs dotted with hidden caves and pebble beaches, against a green backdrop of holm oak, maple, pine and chestnut trees. 

There are all sorts of wonderful ways to really embrace the natural beauty of this unique, varied area, such as water sports that enable you to explore the caves and the depths of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s also a great place for walks, hikes and bike rides through the surrounding gardens and woods, as well as up to one of the most iconic sites in Maratea: the statue of Christ the Redeemer.