At Santavenere we are working daily to update and respect safety procedures and protocols with reference to the guidelines for the protection against the spread of COVID-19.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we have decided to immediately adopt the legislation that requires a European Green Pass in order to carry out some activities or access certain areas.

For this reason, we require all Guests over 12 years old to have a Green Pass (vaccination card from other countries are also accepted), or certification with negative result of an antigenic or molecular swab test carried out in the 48 hours prior to arrival or certification of recovery from the SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The adoption of the Green Pass does not replace the indications relating to quarantine or other provisions of the Italian government towards guests from abroad. We suggest you consult the official websites for the latest updates: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Viaggiare Sicuri.
If you or those traveling with you are not in possession of the necessary documentation, Borgo Egnazia is available to reschedule your stay or organize a refund.

New protocols feature the values that have always been important for us, such as privacy protection and guest care. The high-quality experience at Santavenere remains the same, but with more awareness and attention.


To avoid risks the spread of the virus through the air conditioning systems, we will double the sanitation frequency of the filters in the air-conditioners of common areas and rooms, which will be sanitized at each check-in.

In each area of the hotel, dispensers will be available to customers and collaborators to dispense hand-sanitizing gel.

Safety devices such as masks, gloves and hand-sanitizing gel will be available to all guests and contact personnel. It is mandatory to wear face masks also outdoors where it is possible to create gatherings.

A doctor will always be available and we have appointed a figure responsible for the constant control of the implementation of the procedures in terms of guests and staff safety. The staff will access the property from a dedicated entrance controlled by a thermoscanner for temperature detection.

We will intensify the sanitation procedures (with particular attention to the items frequently touched) and we will integrate air-conditioning sanitation with portable equipment, using hydrogen peroxide (nebulization of germ-killer)

All our staff is trained following the WHO directives so that they can safely perform the assigned tasks.


The property has the advantage of being spread out on a wide area (16 hectares) which has always guaranteed guests maximum privacy and where it is easy to maintain distance.

We will guarantee social distancing by reducing the occupancy level of our hotel (-30%).

We will guarantee a distance of 6 feet among tables in all our restaurants (all outdoor) and reservation will be mandatory to be compliant with number restrictions.

The key word will be ‘outdoors’. We will offer workshops and outdoor fitness classes for small groups (i.e yoga classes, fitness in our olive groves). Our wellbeing has always been focused on the territory and the space, and this year it will be even more.

All activities will be proposed following and complying with the social distancing requirements. The car hire and car and driver hire will be used exclusively by one family.

All activities will be limited in number, so as to guarantee safety distances.