Rediscover your balance in the search for Happiness.

The Spa at Santavenere celebrates the beauty of the Lucano area, where the sea and the mountains chase each other in a magical dance, alternating between gorges, inlets and caves.

Wellbeing is the balance between nature and local experiences, connection and emotion, spa treatments and programs tailor made for each guest. Essential oils, the scent of flowers, the sound of the sea: the senses are reborn and the heart holds a rainbow of emotions.

Allow yourself to be lulled by a massage that harmonizes body and mind, rediscover your natural beauty though a treatment inspired by antique traditions, allow yourself to be wrapped in the power of nature during a fitness class, relying on the loving care of our experts.

Rediscover a new vitality and uncover your personal happiness: this is the profound sense of this regenerative journey in the Spa at Santavenere.